The Hip Hop Abs Workouts

The Hip Hop Abs Secret

Shaun T will show you his special ab strengthening methods that focus on your core including your obliques, upper abdominals, and lower abdominals as you melt the fat right off. Hip Hop Abs' Tilt, Tuck and Tighten technique will give you the stomach you've always wanted - flat and sexy.(13 minutes)

Hip Hop Fat Burning

This workout will have you sweating as you burn off the pounds and dance your way to a thinner, hotter you! No need to run around the neighborhood, just dance to the music as you feel the beat. (30 minutes)

Hip Hop Abs Sculpt

Let Shaun T sculpt your midsection without doing a single crunch or sit-up. Get ready for some fun!(25 minutes)

Hip Hop Abs Full-Body Burn

Shaun T takes you through this full-body workout that burns fat and firms your abdominals. The moves aren't illegal but should be. Get ready to show off your new body!(45 minutes)